Rachel FrenchLegal Counsel


Rachel French is Amatheon’s legal counsel, overseeing and advising on a range of corporate and operational matters in Europe and Africa. Prior to joining Amatheon Agri, Rachel worked for the Australian Government on various legal, agricultural and international development roles, including acting as in-house counsel in the agricultural sector and also as an Assistant Director at the Australian Agency for International Development.

Victoria CavanaghHead of Sustainable Development and Communications


Victoria Cavanagh is responsible for ensuring Amatheon’s sustainable approach to business, including the supervision of environmental and social impact assessments, compliance to international responsible investment frameworks as well as supporting the inclusion of communities into Amatheon’s business models. Prior to joining Amatheon, Victoria worked for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for over five years in Zambia, Zimbabwe and the headquarters in Rome.

Troy MinneManaging Director Zambia


Troy Minne is an accomplished Managing Director with over 20 years’ experience running large-scale agriculture and beef operations in Africa. He has vast experience in green-field developments, irrigation planning and design, as well as training and community development. Before joining Amatheon Agri Zambia in 2015, Troy was leading a large agricultural operation in Swaziland.

Pieter SwanepoelCEO of the Real Meat Africa Group

Pieter Swanepoel

Pieter Swanepoel brings two decades of experience in the meat industry and retail sector across Africa. Having previously lived in Zambia working as a Finance Manager for a leading supermarket, Pieter went on to manage a meats company in Nigeria and most recently managed a foods company in Ethiopia where he successfully started a poultry operations business. Pieter is a key contributor to Amatheon’s vision of becoming a leading farming and food company in Sub Saharan Africa.

Robert GrinhamManaging Director Uganda


Robert Grinham was appointed Managing Director of Amatheon Agri Uganda in December 2016, and brings 23 years of experience in large-scale farming and livestock operations. He has achieved major successes in agricultural management, focusing on the production of high yields in wheat, maize, soya and tobacco across African countries. Robert is an experienced leader and shares Amatheon’s vision for farming and food production in Africa.

Dr. Sekai NzenzaManaging Director Zimbabwe

Sekai AA Zimbabwe Murehwa crop

Dr Sekai Nzenza brings more than 20 years of international development expertise to Amatheon Agri Zimbabwe. She gained strategic and operational expertise while working with Booz Allen Hamilton consultants at World Vision International’s Global Centre in California. In Australia, she acted as World Vision’s Director for Policy and Communication and oversaw programs in Africa and Asia. Sekai is also an accomplished writer and her fiction has been widely published.