Food Processing in Zambia

The Real Meat Company

The Real Meat Company Ltd (RMC) is a meat processing business in Zambia, focused on the Lusaka market. RMC owns and operates a slaughtering and processing facility for pork, and its most successful product is smoked Hungarian sausage.

Founded in 1998, RMC is the second largest processed pork company in Zambia and has very strong brand recognition associated with quality at an affordable price. RMC sells through major retailers, independent supermarkets, and its own outlets all supplied with its own refrigerated vans. The company is run by its founder and CEO Chris Graham – a meat industry expert with a strong track record.

Amatheon Agri Group purchased a majority holding of RMC in September 2014. Its expertise, brand equity and processing assets will strongly complement Amatheon’s growth strategy. With its reputation for excellent quality, RMC is the natural partner for Amatheon to enter the meat processing value chain in Zambia.

More Beef Ltd.

More Beef Ltd is a cattle ranching, meat processing and retailing company in Zambia, focusing on domestic markets. Founded in 2007, More Beef is the second largest in-shop butchery operator in the country and has an exclusive agreement with the fast-growing Pick n’ Pay retail chain to operate all of their butcheries. More Beef also owns the Buccamore brand; a producer of processed meat products.

Amatheon Agri acquired More Beef in November 2014 and benefits greatly from their retailing expertise and know-how. Together with RMC, More Beef, Best Beef and Best Pork, the Amatheon Agri Group is in a strategically advantageous position to supply the fast-growing meat demand in Zambia.

Best Beef Company and Best Pork Company

Best Beef Company (BBC) and Best Pork Company (BPC) are two successful slaughtering and meat processing companies in Zambia. Founded in 1997, BBC continues to grow through supplying supermarkets and other retail markets with high quality beef products. BPC, the slightly younger of the two companies, was founded in 2011 and provides retail grocers, food service distributors, full service restaurant chains and supermarkets with a variety of pork products, including hams, bacons and sausages. BPC has quickly become a leading marketer of value added meat products in Zambia. In addition, both companies have their own factory stores located on the same site in capital city Lusaka, thus providing an opportunity for growth.