Farming in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is on the edge of a return to commercial farming activities and Amatheon seeks a first mover advantage. Amatheon Agri Zimbabwe Ltd (AAZim) was established in 2014 and has farmed West and East of the country’s capital, Harare. So far, the focus has been on rain-fed cropping with the view to venture into irrigated farming in the future.

Amatheon’s modus operandi in Zimbabwe is contract farming, whereby Amatheon provides the equipment, capital and management of the operations, and carefully vetted titleholders receive a percentage of the revenue. The operations are all located in areas that have previously been farmed by the current owners and have historically proven favourable in terms of strong yield potential. Amatheon is regularly scouting suitable opportunities for joint-ventures or green-field operations.

Crops are being stored and sold in the domestic market, thus keeping the benefits within Zimbabwe. The objectives of Amatheon’s operations in the country are aligned to the Government of Zimbabwe’s ‘ZimASSET’ initiative which promotes food and nutrition security.