Farming in Zambia

Large-scale farming

Amatheon Agri Zambia Ltd (AAZ) is a subsidiary of Amatheon Agri Holding N.V. and began farming operations in Mumbwa District in 2012. Since inception, the company has successfully developed over 3,000 hectares of land for rain-fed and irrigated cropping activities and employees over 200 people on a permanent basis. In Zambia, Amatheon has proven its large-scale farming abilities with strong yields in maize, wheat and soya, and is constantly trialing new crops and varieties. By the end of 2015, two new dams had been constructed which significantly expand Amatheon’s irrigation capacities.

Outgrower Programme

Amatheon has developed a comprehensive Outgrower Programme that equips small-scale farmers with the necessary knowledge and access to inputs, credit, and a market to expand their businesses. Following a no-contract approach, Amatheon provides free training to surrounding farmers to help them improve their production, marketing, and financial literacy. In addition, Amatheon has established 40 rural depots for farmers to purchase high-quality inputs such as seeds and fertilizers, as well as a place for them to sell their produce to Amatheon. In 2015, Amatheon injected US$500.000 into the local economy through smallholder crop purchases. The programme supports 5,000 small-scale farmers and is run in partnership with MUSIKA, Conservation Farming Unit and World Vision.

Cattle Ranching

Amatheon Agri Zambia’s cattle ranching activities include more than 1,300 heads of cattle grazing on 2,000 hectares of land. The breeding herd is closely managed to maintain the highest quality possible while feedlotting operations continuously grow and supply domestic markets. In 2015, Amatheon introduced a livestock component into its Outgrower Programme to buy cattle from smallholder farmers and fatten them through the feedlot. Cattle operations are part of an integrated value chain approach which contributes to Amatheon’s food processing businesses in urban areas.