Farming in Uganda

Large-Scale Farming

Amatheon Agri Uganda Ltd. (AUU), a subsidiary of Amatheon Agri Holding N.V., was founded in 2013 in northern Uganda’s Nwoya District. Considering Uganda’s favorable agro-climatic conditions and rainfall in excess of 1500mm per annum spread over two distinct seasons, double cropping of many crops without irrigation is viable. AAU applies the latest farming technology and is managed by a team of experienced managers and operators. With operational hubs strategically located near the South Sudanese and Kenyan borders, Amatheon is well-positioned to cater for largely under-served markets as well as to Uganda itself, with strong road links to domestic markets. Today, AAU has above 3,000 hectares under operation, mainly growing maize, rice, soya, sunflower and sorghum. Further trials are being conducted and expansion into other crops is planned.

Outgrower Programme

Following the success of the Outgrower Programme in Zambia, Amatheon introduced a similar programme in Uganda and currently supports over 1,800 small-scale farmers. 11 rural depots have been established and provide farmers with access to inputs and a reliable output market for their crops. Farmers are receiving free trainings in crop establishment and rotation, crop health, usage of agro-chemicals, business education and financial literacy. The programme is being supported by aBi Trust and plans to support 4,000 farmers by 2018. Most recently, ZOA, an international relief and recovery organization joined Amatheon’s partners for social impact to support trainings for farmers.