Social Improvements

More than 80% of Amatheon’s workforce comes from its areas of operations, and as an anchor investor, Amatheon is committed to boosting nearby social and economic infrastructure. Engaging in projects which support local health and educational facilities provides a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. To bolster these efforts, Amatheon established Community Sustainability Committees which bring together local leaders, community members, local government representatives and Amatheon staff in an open and participatory manner. This platform enables Amatheon to be constantly engaged with communities, tailoring support precisely to the needs of the company’s catchment area.

In Zambia, employees and seasonal workers have daily access to free counseling with regards to drug abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse and HIV. Since Amatheon Agri’s inception Zambian social infrastructure was boosted by the construction of teachers houses, the extension of classrooms, initiation of school gardens, and wiring schools for future electrification and evening literacy classes. The company also organizes regular football tournaments, bringing together communities and national talent scouts while selected staff members compete with community teams.

In Uganda, Amatheon provided school furniture to teachers and children of Wii-Anaka Primary School where 300 children were sitting on the floor during study time. This furniture established a more supportive and motivating learning environment for children. Furthermore, Amatheon partners with local NGOs to provide HIV counseling and testing and Hepatitis B screening for employees as well as local community members. In Uganda, around 500 people community members were tested, screened and sensitized on HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B.