Amatheon’s core business relies on healthy ecosystems, strong rural communities and talented staff. Knowing that large-scale commercial activities impact the environments and communities where they take place, Amatheon acts as an anchor investor to significantly uplift its surrounding community socially, environmentally and economically. This approach helps create healthy populations, empowered with business and life skills to continue developing their communities in a sustainable way.

Responsible agricultural investment is build on careful and transparent land acquisition and development. Amatheon does not engage in communal land and only works on privatized, titled land. The company carries out extensive due diligence on every piece of land that appears suitable for development. This due diligence involves public consultations with elders and communities, traditional and statutory representatives, formal and informal verification of ownership and thorough analysis of the land’s history. Only through the joint approval of Amatheon’s Legal, Farming and Sustainability executives, a land acquisition can take place.

Amatheon is actively engaged in operationalizing the leading frameworks for responsible agri-investments, such as the Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems (CFS-RAI), Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment (PRAI), FAO and OECD’s guideline for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains and the Analytical Framework for Responsible Land Based Investments in African Agriculture. In September 2015, as the world adopted the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Amatheon was pleased to see the explicit recognition of the Private Sector as a powerful partner to help achieve global development objectives. Amatheon ìs a proud partner of NGOs and local non-profits in the area where it works.

In December 2015, Amatheon was accepted into the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative – the UN Global Compact. Heeding the Compact’s call for companies to align their strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, Amatheon takes actions that advance societal goals and is becoming a leading example of responsible investment in agriculture.

Our partners for Social Impact

Supporting Amatheon to design, develop and monitor mutually beneficial commercial relationships with small-scale farmers in Zambia

Co-financing training, trading and monitoring of the Outgrower Programme through the Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft

Partnering for the Outgrower Programme to significantly scale it up and expand to a new district

Training small-scale farmers to improve productivity, soil protection and climate change resilience

Using Amatheon's Outgrower Network to buy cow peas from smallholder farmers to contribute to Zambia's national school feeding programme

Supporting the training components of the Outgrower Programme and jointly implementing social projects

Providing farming input loans to emerging farmers so they can successfully expand their businesses

Co-operating partners through the Inter Agency Working Group to implement the Principles of Responsible Agricultural Investment (PRAI)

Being a member of UN’s Global Compact Initiative, Amatheon strives to implement its ten principles

Training farmer groups in conservation farming and business education and linking them to Amatheon's Outgrower network